Honor Gold Cheat in Three Kingdom Wars iPhone

Three Kingdom Wars is made by Yingle Cai where you will take a role as famous generals from that era
In this game, your generals are in form of the cute chibi anime graphics.

three kingdom wars walkthrough tips ios android

Along the game, you will be allowed to have a limited number of generals at a time
This circumstance is based on the experience level that you have, but the collecting element and the enhancement of your party come in when you unlock the forge.
At this phase, you will be able to upgrade your equipment that your generals have equipped.
Every equipment can be upgraded to be as high a level as your generals, so you must upgrade them with all of silver you have.

On the other side, your generals have to be educated and trained as well
For such reasons, just tap the academy to educate and train your generals.
Here, education will change your generals base stats, which will make some of them better
But, but if you use the superior education, you will get better results.
Besides education, you can train your generals through many different levels
At this point, every time you train your generals, you will require a ton of silver to do it
Anyway, your lord and generals can be upgraded through a nearly endless amount of training levels so that it will make them far stronger than before.

Later on, if you get stuck and do not what to do next, you can go to the quests and complete them as they will usually rank up your generals in which you can also unlock new buildings.
Doing so will level up faster, and you will make fast progresses in the game.

After educating and training your generals, you can now send them into battle in which the battles here are fought automatically
However, you can change their course aside from the usual methods of powering up.
Then, just go and fight old battles and bosses in order to gain experience points whenever you need extra strength for a tough battle or boss in each stage.
When going to the battle, be sure to include a healer in your party
In related to this hero, you can try to include Hua Tuo, a good healer, who can heal multiple party members at once.

In addition, you can also try to make the battles last quickly, that you can do by tapping the fast forward button until the speed comes to 4 times, then you can leave it there the entire time.
In accordance with this, you will get no point at all to having it any slower battle unless you can find a specific weak point in your party’s battling there.

Meanwhile, you can then take part in grand Legion Wars to fight other Guilds and you can try to dare other Generals to collect epic rewards

To customize your generals, you can simply select and use your own style of wings outfits that will increase your battle stats and lead you to be the highest ranked player to rule the Kingdoms in this game


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