Honor Coins Cheats in Crusaders Quest Android

NHN Entertainment offers you Role Playing Game where you will be able to guide and command over 200 heroes and beat a bunch of monsters in a quest to rescue Goddesses from the forces of evil in this game.

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Later on this game, you will join rag-tag group of 8-bit crusaders which have a mission to save the Goddesses and unlock their special powers to repel darkness from the land.

Once strengthening your heroes, you can send them into epic PVP battles to test your skills against the the other players worldwide
Here, you will be able to collect over 200 heroes along with their new skills
You can also transfer many different special skills at the skill lab.

Make sure you learn their skill attack type
Physical DMG Type is useful to deal with resist magic DMG
Magic DMG is good at blocking resists physical DMG
All skills have either physical or magic damage that you can deliver to the enemies.

You can also change in Skills upon Promoting
Having 2 Stars mean Normal
Having 3 Stars mean Special Skill Transferable
Having 4 Stars mean Block Skill Enhanced. Unlock Passive
Having 5 Stars mean Higher Special Skill Transferable
Having 6 Stars mean Block Skill Enhanced. Passive Upgrade

For further, if using a skill block, your hero with the skill will do a special attack
At the same time, you can combine up to 2 or 3 blocks to pop simultaneously in which if you perform longer chains, it will unleash stronger skills.

In the battlefield, a hero falls when his or her HP comes to 0 and you will lose the game when all the heroes have fallen at a time
Anyway, before adding someone to a party, make sure to check the hero’s stat as this will be helpful when making a party.

Also, you are able to equip your heroes with advance weapons that will make them stronger.
In the way of equipping weapons, you should a place that specializes in weapons.
When the member reached its max level in training, you can promote it afterward in which honor is needed for promotion
And, there are various ways to get honor but they never get easy.
During training, you will require a lot of meals in which you will be able to gather up food when the stage is done

If you have heroes in rank 3 or higher, they can learn special skills so that they can also raise or unlock new skill levels.

On the other side, when heroes are in rank 3 or higher you can use skill blocks and the SP gauge fills up then if the SP gauge is fully filled, you can make special skill blocks that will be strong along with various abilities


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