Honeycomb Cheats for Power ups in The Jungle Book Mowgli`s Run iPhone

Disney has launched The Jungle Book: Mowgli’s Run as a new endless runner game specially dedicated to the iOS and Android users.

the jungle book mowgli`s run walkthrough ios android

This game seems to be adapted from Disney’s new film The Jungle Book to life in which it is a fast paced parkour style runner.

Similar to any running game out there, all you will do is to race through lush, sweep jungles while dodging Shere Khan, King Louie, Kaa and other dangers standing in your path.

In the mean time, you will also have to gather up sweet honey and honeycombs, and use them to unlock upgrades and power-ups which will make you run faster and farther for high score.

During on your run, if you get into an obstacle you lose some of honey
For such reasons, make sure to collect some more honey as the insurance to gain high score.

If you have enough honey, you can get the honey tastes sweeter power up, which will increase the value of every piece of honey that you pick up during your run
But, you have to put at least two points into it before starting your run since each honey drop you collect is counted as two honey drops available for you to pick up.

Then, at three upgrade points, you will get three honey drops, and this will increase as you get more points during on your run
So, just invest at least two points into sweeter honey to help you get the other upgrades much faster

In line with this, every sticky honey drops and super honey drops will accumulate your earnings
And, if you see super honey drops, you will be able to unlock big honey drops which is worth 50 honey apiece
Moreover, if you see sticky honey drops, it will unlock the honey magnet power-up.

Always consider to pickup power ups such as Strength of the Pack and Sticky Honey Drops floating in the air that you can do by jumping to reach them.

Sticky Honey Drops is like the typical magnet power up, which can make Mowgli pull in all nearby honey drops regardless of which lane he runs in.

Meanwhile, Strength of the Pack can increase Mowgli’s running speed
Plus, that power up can make him invincible.
And, if you run off the track he will automatically move to a safer lane, so that it will get him completely unaffected by obstacles and rocks there.

Except the power ups, you can use items called Mowgli’s Tricks which can help you out in a variety of ways.
when you are about You to activate these tricks, make sure to use your first batches of honey drops on the permanent power up upgrades

On the other side, you can also get honeycomb for free by connecting your Facebook account to this game
At this point, just log onto Facebook, and ask your friends playing the game for free honeycombs
Later on, you can also send them back when they request them

Besides, you can access to the honey upgrade store and scroll to the bottom there to see all of the honeycomb prizes including posters and concept art from that movie.

When performing your action, just try tapping on the targets popping up when you are running to hit the enemy and keep running on your path.

Sometimes, you will see an offer to watch a video to get a free restart the end of a run.
Thus, just do this for gaining high score.
Anyway, if you want to get more honey, just watch the video or simply start another round from the beginning.


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