Hire Coach for Special Tickets in Soccer Simulator iPhone

Soccer Simulator Idle & Clicker Game from Spil Games can be included into a new soccer-themed idle clicker game that you can play both on the ios and android platforms.

soccer simulator walkthrough ios android

Similar to any idle clicker games out there, all you will do is to get more money and stars or fame, which can make your club more bigger and popular one
With all money in the game, you will get a huge number of options and things to buy, in which they will add to your money and fame.

Early on the game, make sure to get the actions, in form of Invent New Slogan or Match Betting
Besides, when being in the shop, you can hire a coach for each one of these actions.
before doing so, you may need real estate
For such reasons, when being in the shop area, tap the icon, a pub to purchase new real estate.
Once doing so, you can purchase coaches.

When you are about to do some upgrades in the shop, you can speed up the training actions, such as increasing cash earnings, or increasing fame earnings.
So, when seeing a bouncing exclamation mark next to an option or icon, make sure to purchase an upgrade to increase your earning

In the way of making money in the game, you can do investments which allows you to automatically earn more money and fame
Make sure to have more a ticket to recoup what you spend on investments.

At this point, always keep your eyes open up on what the newspaper in the corner of the screen says.
If you see it, just tap it to read it so that you can see a deal when spending less money for a particular upgrade, or another special, such as a discount on coaches or a decreased risk on your investments.

On the other side, tap the magnet button to double all of your earnings for four hours
You can do this while watching an advertisement video.
Moreover, watching the ad videos will give you more reward in form of cash or tickets, the premium currency of this game


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