Hints to Solve Puzzle in WordBrain Themes iPhone

WordBrain Themes is the product of MAG Interactive as a new word game that you can play both on the ios and android devices

wordbrain themes walkthrough ios android

Here, you will get to convert a big block of letters into actual words
In this game, you will see that the words are organized into themed sets of puzzles where you must find and swipe words to get the way out

Later on, you will deal with some more letters and words in which you will need hints to figure them out
When dealing with multiple words, you can clear them in any order that you want to.

Make sure to find one word while thinking about a word which will match the theme, in that it will fit one of the given letter counts for the word.
Sometimes, you will need to redo it based upon swiped words in the right order

All you will need in this game is hints, which you can purchase them through the in-app purchase store and you can get them by connecting this game into Facebook
Then, you will need to share your progress to get ten hints as reward
Besides, you must also complete puzzle sets within the game to collect bonus hints

On the other side, you will have multiples of the same letter in puzzles
In line with this, you may stuck when matching all of the words for the first time
To solve this, just restart and match words with different repeat letters on the board.

Also, make sure to look outside of the box to find out the unusual combinations which will give you the right positioning to match the next set of letters.

After doing so, you will know that the word combinations will relate to each other
Or, it may fit in a sentence
If you cannot figure out the other word, just think the matched word that fits with another related word
Thereafter, you can then try it if the letters come to the right match


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