Hints to Solve Puzzle in Perchang iPhone

As you may have known that a brilliant new puzzle game, called Perchang has tease every ios gamer to test their skill to solve across 60 stunning levels.

perchang walkthrough ios android

Your mind will work on guiding the tiny balls to reach their goal by activating flippers, magnets, portals, fans, anti-gravity hoops and many more objects on the board

You will also be challenged to complete the levels as fast as you can then add your medal haul to climb the leaderboard

One point to remember is that you will not need to snaffle all the balls dropping on the board.
In accordance with this, if you grab a couple of balls then you should manage a proper attempt the next time round.

So, the main point here is to learn every object`s move and it will be better to closely pay attention to the tutorial levels

Note that make sure not to keep the portals open as they will run out of charge after a while and it will be holes.
Thus, just turn them on when you only need them

Sticky walls on the board functions to stop a ball, in which if you are flicking a ball in the direction of a wall, do not twang it off at rapid pace

On the other side, you can make a ball bouncier by passing it through one of the rings
When doing so, you will need to get the angle of entry right
And, if you do not stick to it, the ball will fly off in the wrong direction

Besides, having the fans on at full speed will slow your chances when you are about to get a level accomplished completely
For such reasons, you can let out blasts of air rather than a constant stream.

Always check the power you used to fire a cannon to where it goes
You can repeat the process to go for the right object

Meanwhile, you can change the colors of some bits of equipment by switching control from your right thumb to your left


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