Hints to Solve Puzzle in Monument Valley iPhone

Monument Valley from ustwo can be said as an exciting puzzle game for ios and android platforms, where you will guide the silent princess Ida through various architectural wonders

monument valley walkthrough ios android

During in your journey, you will have to find hidden paths, discover optical illusions, and deal with the enigmatic Crow people there.

Here, you will often see the game that is chock full of illusions where you should think about how you look at objects from every angle, in which you may make a connection at one angle, only for that connection to vanish entirely.

Always remember to explore each landscape whereby you will get a view to see if you can move or rotate certain objects, or turn switches on or off it.
Along the game, you must try having Ida move toward objects which she would be able to interact with.

On the other side, The Crow People are the game’s main antagonists, and they will undo switches which you have already flicked, just right after you have left the area.
In line with this, you must prevent the Crow People from doing this, that you can do by distracting them with a pulley or a similar obstacle toward them.

Sometimes, they can throw you off by getting in your way.
For such reasons, you must try to block them off before you get Ida involved
And, this may often involve using a part of a monument to prevent them from getting in the way.

Always get Ida in your sight as once she is out of your view, you will not make a certain move that will make you move her around.
So, you must ensure her is in your field of view when you are trying to make your next move.

Later on, when you guide her to a corner, you do not need to restart levels
Otherwise, you can simply go back to where you got stuck and try an alternate course of action to move on next.


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