Hints to Solve Puzzle in Blackbox iPhone

Blackbox – think outside the box is the product of Ryan McLeod which offers a unique puzzler to get you to break the mould where you will have to interact with your devices in your own ways.

blackbox walkthrough ios android

Here, you will have to go through 50 unique puzzles without touching your screen.
Besides, you will merely use visual clues to solve puzzles that you can do by turning, shouting, clicking, snapping, and traveling and discover secrets formula along the way

In this game, each puzzle is designed to light up the requisite boxes, where you will have to learn how to do so via the visual animations onscreen

There is also a hint system available in iaps which can be a couple freebies early on the game
To get this hint, you can also get it for free by referring friends to the game using a custom link.

Similar to any puzzle game, your first step should be to study the system and try to search for the way out with your own creativity

Here, you will see the grid with certain lights in colour-coded in which the lights of the same colour are usually solved with similar methods.

On the other side, if a particular function on your device is used to solve a blue puzzle, it will solve the other blue puzzles when it is used in a slightly different manner.

Sometimes, you may need to bring your phone wherever you go when trying to solve the hard puzzles
For such reasons, you will be able to figure out certain patterns which start to emerge over time.

Meanwhile, if you cannot find the best solution, you may experiment by tweaking some of your settings or doing some random actions before using hint system as the last weapon.
And, you may need to rest after trying to solve the puzzle along the day


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