Hints to Solve Puzzle for Gold and High Score in Sky Charms iPhone

Playrix is the creator behind the adorable and new match three puzzler game for the ios and android called Sky Charms which comes along with a decent challenge and a creative level design.

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As a new matching three puzzle game with new mechanics, this game uses its cleverness to great effect, crafting levels decorated with new environmental puzzles.

Similar to any matching three puzzle game, you will be assigned to get gold, collect three stars and gain high score by solving every given puzzle.

When playing this game, you must try to make long chains of charms which will earn you more points
Here, you will have a limited number of moves, which will get you to aim for efficiency when clearing charms on the board

If you can match a long chain of charms, you will get superpowered charms which will help you clear entire rows at a time
And, you may consider to use it to complete some tricky missions for farming easy gold and points

Always, experiment with new ways to clear out charms and make a path towards success before continue moving on the next level
In other words, you may need to think outside the box and get creative when trying to solve each puzzle.

As usual, this game will feature gold bars as the premium currency.
To get such currency, you can merely clear each stage with score points as high as possible

With this currency, you can use it to get items such as the hand Rose Wind
This item will really help you clear out rows of charms, or the magic wand, which will remove a single obstacle at a time.
You can also use them sparingly to clear levels and gain those three-star ratings easily

On the other side, you will deal with some levels which will task to bring water to crystals which are scattered on the board.
To solve this, consider to plan ahead and make the path which will help you bring water to the crystals
Note that you must use up the least moves when performing your action there.

Sometimes, you may also have to overcome some levels that use tree stumps and other obstacles to block your path.
In order to get the way out of this, just make sure to match charms that sit next to them.
Just clear these out before completing the main goal.
If you can do so well, you will save up more moves to continue playing on the next board.

In addition, you can go through the skies, watering crystals and matching all charms on the board by relying above tips.


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