Hints to Find Items for More Coins in Miranda Sings vs Haters iPhone

Miranda Sings vs Haters from Games2win can be included into a new hidden object game designed specially for the iOS device

miranda sings vs haters walkthrough ios android

Seemingly, this game features the wildly popular YouTube satirical character, named as Miranda Sings.
Along the game, all you will do is to assist her get one over on the haterz which you can do by searching and finding hidden items she asks you to do it
Here, she will intentionally misspelled that items

In line with this, these items are drawn the exact same way in each level.
The mechanic of this game is that you will get a score between 1 and 3 lips based upon how many wrong taps you do

You will also get a score based on how far you let the time run down before completing the level
If you can do it fast, it will give you more score and coins

When trying to get those items, just remember the layout of items on each level, as they will be in the same location.

To find those items, such as trophy you can use hints any time you need help
If you want to get more hints to find more items, you can get additional hints from the store and purchase them using coins you have collected through the game.

In order to get more coins all you will do is to complete levels or you can purchase more of them through iaps

Alternatively, you can also get more coins by watching the ad videos
In accordance with this, just go to the IAP store page, tapping the free coins button and watching her videos on YouTube.

With all coins you have collected from each level, you can use them on bonus levels, containing slide puzzles.
Once unlocking new levels and puzzles, you have to try to finish them which will give you more bonus coins as bonus rewards

If you want to get more bonus from her, you must get the expressions packs from IAP store.
These packs will give you other bonuses, such as more time, coins, or a bunch of hints to help you solve each level in the game


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