Hints to Complete Levels in Tesla Tubes iPhone

Tesla Tubes fro Kiloo can be included into a new puzzle game which is dedicated for the iOS and Android users

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Along the game, all you will do is to connect tubes together available on the board
In the mean time, you will also get to multiple all tubes throughout the same board
Also, make sure to consider to cover up every single square on the board.

In this game, you will be served with some levels, hints and other goodies to help you complete them
Early on the game, just try to work with the shortest tube combinations.
Once mastering them, you can continue to work your way up to the long tubes.

When connecting tubes on the board, you must consider to which squares you should take up on a tube
Meanwhile, some of those squares will be taken up by other tubes.
To play this game, just put the tubes where you want them to go
After doing so, you will see that they will break and eliminate the tubes which were already put down on the squares you are using.

As initial step, you will be supplied with a limited number of hints which will be handy to guide you what your next move you will take.
When using the hints, you can learn one tube at a time and see where you can get
Be sure to use the hint when you are stuck after doing so many times trying on the board

In the way of getting more hints, just run out all of your current hints.
After doing so, you can try using a hint again

Always consider a moment to rest for a while then go back to the game with fresh mind
Perhaps, you will have the best strategy with your fresh mind


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