Hints to Charge Batteries in The Path To Luma iPhone

The Path To Luma from NRG Energy can be said as a unique new puzzle game where you will guide a galaxy-traversing of the Sustainability Augmentation Model, or SAM to rescue the Chroma civilization on iphone devices.

the path to luma walkthrough ios android

Along the game, all you will do is to travel from planet to planet and you must utilize natural energy that will be useful to restore power to the Chroma buildings

Every time, you are on your journey, be sure to always check the main objectives available on each stage

In line with this, during in your exploration of topsy-turvy planets, you will sometimes lose track of SAM whereby you can tap the buttons at the top right so that you will get the magnifying glass centered the camera on SAM.
In the mean time, you will also see the multiple house buttons that show you the Chroma buildings spot.

When exploring each area in the stage, your character can carry two objects at a time
Sometimes, you will be tasked to move these two objects around, in which just try to move on and take everything with you, since they not powering anything you get to move.

In this game, you will also get batteries in blue boxes that can charge certain mechanisms.
Make sure you charge them with a solar staff in the sun.
When doing so, do not place a battery then remove it from a socket, as it will lose its charge and you must recharge it again.
At this point, just place your batteries down before you actually do it.

Later on, you will need hints or clues to solve each puzzle in this game
As said earlier, tapping the house buttons will show you the different Chroma buildings which are required to be powered.
Just search around the buildings to discover some good hints.

Furthermore, you may see the planets to get progressively more and more crowded with gizmos and gadgets.
If you are confused by those things, just search around your objectives and the entire planet to get a new perspective to move next


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