Hints or Clues to Solve Puzzle in Klocki iPhone

Klocki is a unique puzzle game from Maciej Targoni where you will merely connect different types of lines by tapping and swiping them, then turn dials to make a progress through a series of complex puzzles on the go.

klocki walkthrough ios android

All of this is dedicated to the ios users where you can test your skill to connect the dots and draw your lines to get each stage completed successfully.

Early on the game, you must know and learn the mechanics of each level as these are like the hint to complete every single level in the game

Sometimes, when connecting the lines in the segments, you may have to find the horizontal and vertical line pieces so that you can move and match up segments.

When you are dealing with For 3D levels, cubes, you cannot swap tiles across planes
However, you will be given with an option to have a continuous line across planes.
In order to swap it, just try tapping on a tile so that other switched tiles can be illuminate.

To successfully solve the puzzle, make sure to focus on one section at a time
At this time, you can try solving one area before moving on to new one.

If you see multiple mechanics to be included, just complete one mechanic at a time
You can do this when completing a dotted section before moving on to a solid one.
After working with yellow levers, just rotate areas until completing the sections while working from one side to another to make your progress.

On the other side, you can firstly start with any notable tile then build around it.
First of all, you will solve T pieces of tiles where you must go in one direction, which will help you build out using process of elimination.

Later on, you will then solve puzzles with combinations of static and moveable sections
To make it happen, try solving the static components first.

If you try to solve tiles with dials, they will not be able to be switched out or moved either
Therefore, start with the wheel rotations so that you will know the beginning of the line segment
Once figuring this out, you can then work out from there.

When trying to get way out of lever levels, try out each lever before moving tiles
Doing this will allow you to control them
You may need to match up two layers then base your moves off of the two layers in place.

On the other side, you may have to overcome The Dot level
In this level, try to flip a black tile to get dots to come up
Anyway, they will pop up if there is a blank or non dot tile next to them.

Early on these levels, you may have to create a series of visual patterns with a dot gap dot gap formula
When trying to get the solution of dots and dashes, learn how many lines you will build
You can do this by counting beginnings and ends
Afterward, try to alternate those line sections with dots for the way out.

Meanwhile, if you see there is a gap between planes try to have two dots next to one another.
Besides, you may have to jump dots across islands
You can do this when they are on the same plane
Just do this from the top of a cube to top of another cube.
Dots can also stand alone on a tile and they have two segments

If you are stuck on the level, try to change your perspective by turning your phone
For such reasons, you may get new possibilities to figure out the basic mechanic of that level.


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