Hints Border Elements for Doodle Tanks Blitz iPhone

Doodle Tanks Blitz from JoyBits can be said as a simulation game for the ios and android phones where you will be brought to make a tank with some materials and learn the combinations of some items and tips or hints

doodle tank blitz walkthrough ios android

In this new series, you will have to discover new combinations with the right materials.
By combining the right materials, you will learn the tanks constructions related to the design, structure, and functions of historical tanks and armored vehicles.

Early on the game, you with four basic elements to combine artillery so that you can create accurate tanks and armored vehicles.
In the mean time, you will also learn about the historic events and designers of the tanks

As an illustration, you may come to start your first project by combining USSR tanks
You can follow these combinations to make such tanks

Combining Tools and Hotchkiss will make B-3 37 mm
The combination of Tools and Mikulin will become Four-cylinder
Four-cylinder with Leaf Spring will come to Infantry Tank Hull
Tools with Infantry Tank Hull will come to Rolled
Rolled and Rolled will be Welded
Rolled and B-3 37 mm become MS-1 Turret
Infantry Tank Hull and MS-1 Turret will be MS-1 tank
MS-1 and Mikulin become Off-road performance
Rolled with MS-1 Turret will make BT Turret
Welded plus MS-1 Turret will become Sloped and Grabin
Grabin and BT Turret will become Commander radio
Leaf Spring and Infantry Tank Hull will come to Christle and Morozov
Tools and Morozov will be L-11 76mm
MS-1 and Christle become BT Hull
BT Hull and BT Turret will be BT-2
Morozov plus Grabin will become Penetrability
Four-cylinder and BT Hull will be V-type
V-type and BT Hull will make Rubber-coated wheel

To build up a infantry tank hull, you will need cannons so that it will become the MS-1 turret which will then be the MS-1 tank.
Always make a new experiment to discover a couple of combinations about the tank you will make

Meanwhile, you can build your tank with tips Groups and Reaction, Border No reaction, Final elements and Mark duplicates from iaps

All of that hints or tips will show you a possible combo outcome for some items related to the project
In line with this, you can also use this to retrace footsteps for your current project.

At this point, if you want to make a type of cannon, just try to combine Tools with something.
Also, you can use your bolts on the other two types of hints

Always consider to do every single possible combination and work your way through the list.
Rely on your reactions history for any of your old combinations when trying to make a tank in your recent project.
Moreover, you can rule out future possible combos with such tricks.

When accessing some specific items, you will see a little i box popping up in the corner.
Tapping that icon will show you a little blurb telling you the history of the item and what it is for.
If you can learn this, you can intricate world of tanks and get some clues related to a possible combination of tank you will make


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