High Score in Turbo Dismount by Secret Exit

Few days ago, Secret Exit Ltd had launched their new arrival game named Turbo Dismount which is the brand new sequel to Stair Dismount.
Here, the dismounts are far more creative, far more dangerous and it will bring you to the potential for insanely high scores.

turbo dismount top score

In this game, you will play ass Mr. Dismount, and you will be assigned to get the highest score possible, as well as doing away with him in the most creative way possible.

All you will have to do is to hold down on the Dismount button, then let go when getting close to the top as possible.
Make sure to concentrate on where he goes red, how dismembered he gets, and how high in the sky he flies on the sky.

At the same time, you can try to make use of the obstacles the best that you can
It is caused by you can send Mr. Dismount flying high into the air.

In line with this, the land mines are the best for facilitating this
But, other obstacles can assist them

Along the game, you can use an oil slick to spin out the truck
In the mean time, you can then use the land mines right in front of it to bomb the truck and send Mr. Dismount flying from any angle on the road.

Moreover, you can use obstacles to facilitate Mr or Mrs. Dismount getting thrown off of a cliff or getting run over by another car.

At this stage, you can sandwich him or her between two cars for an extended period of time
Just do that as the longer the sandwiching happens in order to get more points.

On the other side, you can take advantage of the turbo pads
Taking this will cause your truck to gain speed when you run over them.

Doing these are especially effective on the high jump stage.
Sometimes, it will be better to cause your truck to flip, especially with your dismount guy inside.
Then, you can also spin over and over again to get an amount of points and multipliers.
In addition, getting more cars than just the truck is what all of the in-app purchases are for.


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