High Score Guides in Mr Genius! iPhone

Mr Genius from Rep Com is a kind of a new platformer which is specifically made for the iOS platform recently in which you will guide a hero looking like a cross between Mario and Superman to run, jump, bounce, and fly across pixelated worlds on the go.

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In this game, you will have 8 and more stages to play, along with three different ways of advancing and countless obstacles to blow past.

Besides, you will also play in three modes in which each level starts with the standard platformer mode, where you will have to jump over obstacles and onto platforms.

Your main objective in this game is simply to time your jumps right.
Later on, you will have to jump over 2 spikes onto a platform
When doing so, you have to wait until you nearly hit the spikes to jump and move the platforms which is based on the timing.

Then, you will go to the second mode, named as the double jump mode
In this mode, you will jump in the air, in which you must bounce just quickly enough to stay afloat without ramming yourself into the ceiling or falling to the floor.
During in the gameplay of that mode, always watch out disappearing ghosts.

After going through two modes, you will then continue to play in the flying mode where you will guide your character to rise when tapping and holding down on the screen then fall when you let go of the screen
Playing in the flying portion will come toward the end of each level

When performing your action, you cannot knock out enemies such as the Bob-Omb or Bullet Bill lookalikes by jumping on them.
If you jump on them, your round will be ended, so just watch out for them
Always remember not to never let them hit you, and do not hit them with any mean necessary each time you see them on a stage.


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