High Score Guides for Splash Ketchapp iPhone

Splash from Ketchapp is now being popular endless game on the apple store and android market
This game will get you to to bounce the ball across all of the platforms without missing one platform or the game will end your run

splash walkthrough ios android

To play this, you will merely tap the screen to insta-drop the ball.
And, the game itself will create the directional changes while you are guiding the ball from one platform to another.

Always make sure to watch the shadow of your ball while bouncing the ball around.
During the game, you will see that the shadow is very tiny

And, that shadow will tell you what position you are in without flaw.
When seeing it, just try tapping when the shadow is getting closer to the middle of the platform
If you can do so well, you can drop it and you may have a lot of room for error.

On the other side, if you are closer to the edge, you may get better chance of making a wrong tap and sending yourself into the abyss.

Along the game, you will also be assigned to collect coins to purchase new color palettes for the blocks.

To get them, those coins will come along on random platforms
Besides, you will also get a chance to watch an ad video in exchange for free coins.
So, just tap this button whenever you see it in the game.

After collecting 100 coins, you can now purchase new skins for your platforms.
If you can play with it, the balls will remain the same but the platforms will change color, which may add a new degree of customization
Moreover, you can select your favorite color when purchasing the said color.

At this point, try selecting a color palette which is not too light but not too dark whereby it makes it easier to see the shadow on the platforms.
In addition, if you select too bright of a color, or too dark one, it may make it difficult to see the shadow


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