High Score Cheats on Grappling Garry iPhone

Dockyard Games has introduced you to Garry who is in the way of getting to the top of the sky
This game is a simple but it is challenging one-touch game where you must direct Garry into the sky.

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So, just help him climb sky high with this the hook as well as avoiding the bombs and scoring up high
When playing this game on your phone, you will have a small window of time to select your next grappling hook

Here, after a hook is destroyed and once grappling off of it, Garry has about two seconds before he falls completely off screen.

At this point, you will be able to actually use this to your advantage, such as situations where the mines are in unfavorable positions above you.
At the same time, just wait a little bit to let the mines space out, clear to launch

On the other side, you are able to grapple backwards in that you will not always have to grapple higher
Otherwise, you are able to grapple below you as well.

Doing this trick will be useful as where jumping the gun and trying to rush for a hook you only find out that a mine is going to head right for you.
Looking at this, try to quickly switch it up by going down, then back up again on a different hook

Meanwhile, grappling hooks will not deactivate until Garry touches them
Because of this, always remember that the hooks will not actually deactivate until Garry collides with them.

Anyways, if you grapple to one hook and switch to another one reaching it, your hook will stay activate and it can be used again.
If you can do it well, this is really useful to make a split-second-last-minute-decision in case you misjudge the timing of a mine

Always, try to keep your eyes moving from the top of the screen to where your character moves as this is the key to getting a high score in this game.

At this stage, always see the top of the screen in which you can watch to see what is coming up.
Also, you should also keep your eyes on your character, especially if you are doing some tight action.
On the other side, if you come to a row with two or more mines, make sure to watch your character so that you can be precise with your movements.

In addition, every time you go to each level, you will be surrounded with some multiplier bonuses that you can collect to rack up your score.
You can try to use the near miss bonus, that you can get when you just barely slip past a mine.
Plus, you can also collect a bonus when passing rows with multiple mines, as this will be a great way to increase the points in this game



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