High Score Cheats in Flick Soccer 15 iPhone

Full Fat provides you football game with flick at your fingertips in Flick Soccer 15 game
Here, your football skill will be tested by making score as high as possible.

flick soccer 15 strategy guides ios android

In the way of making some more goals, you can try to bend the ball round the keeper so that you will score in the top corner

Throughout the game, you will be able to go through six fantastic game modes
Anyways, all you will you do in this game is to touch and drag the top of the screen to aim the camera.

Then, you can kick the ball by flicking through it in which you can also try to curve the ball by flicking through it and curving your finger.
At the same time, you will also be able to control the ball when being in the air.
If you want to gain more points, you can try to do long range shots

On the other side, you should take your time and line up your shots between the defenders.
You can try to flick the ball any longer in that it will result the harder kick

Also, you can change the ball’s direction mid-flight by swiping across it.
Then, you will be able to get a defender to block a direct shot at the target
In the mean time, you can also curl the ball around him
In addition, you can also beat the goalkeeper the you can do by confusing Confuse him with after touch


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