High Score Cheats Dashy Panda iPhone

Dashy Panda from Appsolute Games is a new kind of addictive game that you can play on both the ios and android platforms.

dashy panda walkthrough ios android

In this game, you will have to avoid obstacles and get as far as you can for points score, then keep doing all over again.

When performing your action for the first time, try not to go too fast through the stage
If you go to rush, you may get hit by one of the spikes or one of the other obstacles, like the falling snowballs in the snowy bits of the level.

Before making any step like big crossing, always remember to time the obstacles, as some of them will have identical timing
Then, you will end up having to readjust as a certain, and close
In the mean time, try to point in the level to make up for what the level throws at you.

On the other side, you will need to take into account the momentum that your Panda builds during your run
If you do so, you can let off the screen just a small amount of time before the bowl of rice.

And, if you stop too late, you will be able to overshoot the coin that you want to gather up.
Just try not to let off too early though or you will hit the one before that.

Since this game comes along with the ads showing while you are playing, this may interrupt you when trying to make high score with the panda

In line with this, if you want to get rid of the ads, just set your phone into airplane mode
Doing so will make the ads unload, or just turn off the data and the wifi connection before starting to play it again.

Considering this ad is the way of developer make money from this game, you can purchase the ad-free for 99 cents
Doing this will give appreciation toward the others works

During the game, you will have no time limit at all in any of the stages.
Because of this, you can take all of the time that you need to finish the stage carefully
Do not bother rushing to go through each obstacle, just calm down when stepping from one to another stage.

So, just take your time and focus on the incoming obstacle in each stage as this is the way you can gain high score.

In addition, after few minutes of playing this game will give you a little bit of frustration whereby you really need to take a rest for a while then go back to the game with fresh mind
If you can get high score, you can share to the others on the leaderboards where you can also see the orhers score there


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