High Score Cheat in Clarence`s Amazing Day Out iPhone

Cartoon Network has presented something unique in Clarence’s Amazing Day Out A Collection of Fast Funny Minigames, where you simply switch quickly from mini game to mini game, while scoring up high points with three lives per stage.

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Anyway, playing this game is pretty simple and easy to learn a brand new challenge.
Here, you will not be able to unlock more than one game at a time, so once you have the required score for a round, just stop it.

Later on, if you want to rack up more scores, you can play for as long as you can early on
And, delete the app, reinstall it or you can merely reset the game but you lose all of your bonus games, then do it all over again.
However, if you master less games, it will be better, whereby this will give you a huge advantage in the high score competition against other players.

On the other side, playing in the tree climbing stage will be a tough one if you want to get more challenges in this game.
When playing that stage, make sure to tap Clarence’s feet as fast as you can as this is the way you win that stage.
At this stage, if you tap anywhere else Clarence will not climb.
Therefore, try tapping until he makes it up to the laundry basket.
At the same time, just tap with multiple fingers to make it go even faster.

In the way of making the fast tapping ones, you can use as many fingers as needed
You can apply this when you are playing in the firefly collecting game or the piñata punching game, or where you inflate the balloon stage.
When doing that action, be sure one finger is fully off of the screen before tapping down with another finger, or the game will not read that tap.

For further, when you get Clarence in the ball pit, just search for his eye or part of his cheek to come out of the balls.
Afterward, you can try to tap with multiple fingers as fast as you can until you see something come out of the ball pit.

In addition, when playing in the bowling game, make sure to get the first time strike and if you cannot do it, you can aim immediately at another watermelon that you did not hit before.


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