High Points Score Cheat in Amazing Ninja iPhone

Ketchapp is back with its newest game, a new endless runner game which is wrapped in Amazing Ninja in which your main goal is to slice as many red ninjas as possible while avoiding the blue ninjas and jumping over gaps.

amazing ninja walkthrough tutorial ios android

Here, you are a well trained ninja, that has to kill the red ninjas and rescue the blue ones.
Along the game, you will have to time your jump rather than attacking enemies in each platform
Always make sure not to jump too early or too late, as you will miss a chance to go to the next platform
You will jump form one platform to another as well as slicing the red ninja then jumping again while preparing the next attack toward the other red ninja

During your attempt to make your best jump, you can try to perform a double jump that you can use to your advantage.
When doing so, make sure to time your jump and use it to get out of bad situations.

Later on, you will have to get close enough to the red ninjas so that you can slice and dice to actually hit them.
And, if you get too far away when swinging the sword, you will not hit them
Also, if you wait too long before swinging the sword, they will swing their sword toward you first.
So, make your jump right and slice in the right time

Note that, you will get the main mission that is not to kill a blue ninja at all cost.
Throughout the game, they might always get in your way, and if you kill another blue ninja, you will automatically lose the stage.
Just avoid them by jumping over them.
Moreover, if you run into one, you will lose fast as well

Besides, performing your jumps and slices of your swords, you will get points as rewards
Then, if you score 10 points, you will get a bronze medal.
And, if you score 20 points, you will earn a silver medal
Plus, if you get 30 points, you will get a gold medal.
On the other side, you will also have to get score as high as you can on Game Center.

To get high score and point in this game, you can try to land as far to the left on each platform as you can, then use the double jumps at that time.

Remember to keep doing this as often as possible as a red ninja will usually be on the far left side of the platform

Alongside, if you accidentally jump on top of them or land too close to them, you cannot hit them at all, otherwise, you will be sliced by them first.
In addition, if you jump over them, they will simply turn around, while jumping up and slicing you first.


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