Hero Crystals Vault Cheat in Marvel Contest of Champions iPhone

Kabam as popular game developer will bring you in experiencing the ultimate free-to-play fighting game, Marvel Contest of Champions for your mobile both on iphone and android.

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In a prologue of this game, the story begins when An Elder of The Universe known as The Collector has summoned you to a contest of epic proportions against Marvel super villain Kang The Conqueror.

For such reasons, you will have to assemble a mighty team of heroes and foes
Then, you will go on quests to beat Kang, as well as facing the challenge of a mysterious new super powerful cosmic competitor
Along the game, you will ultimately fight against villains to prevent the total destruction of The Marvel Universe.

To build your solid team, you will have to gather up some of the mightiest heroes then level them up to get more powerful, the better stats, abilities and special moves
At the same time, you will have to manage your teams of heroes and villains wisely so that you can receive synergy bonuses based upon team affiliation, costume and partnerships which are taken from the pages of Marvel Comics.

Later on, you will also go through some quests in an exciting storyline in classic Marvel fashion
In the mean time, you will also explore dynamic quest maps and getting involved in a healthy dose of action packed brawling by using some controls which are developed specifically for iphone and android.
So just lead your heroes and fight against a bunch of heroes and villains in iconic locations spanning the Marvel Universe.

In related to the game controls options, it is highly recommended to play with with both hands.
Tap on the right to perform Light Attack.
Swipe right to do Medium Attack.
Tap + Hold on left to Block any incoming attacks.
Tap + Hold on right to deliver Heavy Attack.
Swipe Left to dodge attacks form villains in the battlefield

During the battle, if your enemy is blocking, you can break his block with a heavy attack
In line with this, always remember to Block any incoming attacks as this significantly reduces incoming damage delivered by your opponents.

On the other side, you can also use some techniques such as dodge and dash that will increase your mobility in combat zone.
Here, you are able to use dodge button to avoid enemy attacks and you can also use dash to initiate an attack from long range.

In order to create Combos, you can use Mix Light and Medium Attacks
Also, you can perform Some Special Attacks that can trigger powerful Status Effects in which it will give you the edge in the fight

When being in quests, gates block paths to greater rewards in which you will require to have the right Champion in your team to unlock them
In Quests, you will be allowed to use Potions and Revives as soon as you find them

Moreover, some greater rewards such as gold and crystals vault are available if you have fully accomplished each quest
At this point, you can use units to purchase Champion Crystals from the Collector’s Vault so that you will be allowed to purchase and open crystals containing champions.

Besides crystals, this game features gold as the currency that you will often get on the quest
With this gold, you will get an access to upgrade your champions.
Along the game, you will also get to collect XP to raise your summoner level
Always collect The Stash gift’s and excess inventory items before they expire
On the other side, Class ISO-B will more effective when it is used an a Champion cf the same Class
Here, you can also infuse ISO-B into a champion to upgrade your heroes level

For further, every Champion Class is strong against another whereby you must select class match-ups that will be profitable for your heroes
And, if one of your Champions is beaten in a fight, you should use a Revive Potion in order to get them back on their feet
According to this, Some Champions will also give you the ability to regenerate their health during a fight session.
Champions will be able to activate Synergy Bonuses by teaming up with friends, teammates, rivals.

Furthermore, you will find some stats such as Critical Rate, which is only increased by ranking up your Champion.
But, if your rivals have a Class Bonus, you will receive a penalty
The Contest will provide Mutant Champions a Class Bonus against Science.

In addition, some Championsā€˜attacks of your heroes can Stun your opponents, in which they can unable enemies skills so that your enemies will not be able to attack, block, or even move


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