Hero Coins Cheats in Adventure Time Puzzle Quest Match 3 RPG Game iPhone

Adventure Time Puzzle Quest is the new series of the Puzzle Quest series that is in a match three RPG genre, that you can play on ios and android devices

adventure time puzzle quest walkthrough ios android

Along the game, you will be able to match the same items where if you can match four items in a row, you will get a line-crusher
Matching five items in a row gives will give you a piece that will knock out everything of one color

In the mean time, you can also match five in a T or L that will give you a bomb so that you can use it to knock off a 3×3 space.
Try to mix two of these special pieces to get big results and amazing damage on the board.

On the other side, you can also use your special moves when you get the special move bar full.
With this special move, you can target a specific enemy, then use the special attack or the ordinary matching attacks toward them.

During the battles, it can drag on for a long time
At that time, you can craft some special items that will be handy to speed up the battles in which it also can increase the damage to each enemy on the board.
You can also use a combination of crafted items that will knock out enemies easily

This game will ask you to get some hero coins, the premium currency that you can use to summon new heroes, which will help you play in later stages.

In order to get these hero coins, you have to complete quests
Here, your strongest heroes will automatically be in your immediate active party
And, when they run out of energy you can swap new characters in on the board.

Besides, this game will feature some cosmetics that you can purchase with real money through iaps
Those cosmetics are such as Hero Coins, Hero Cheddar, Hero Cay-ash, Magic Dust, Magic Swash, Magic Dosh, Hero Blingo, and Hero Dinero

Anyway, it is only hero coins that you can earn for free in this game where all you will do is to try to complete all quests of objectives given by this game


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