Hero Bux Cash Cheats in Score! Hero iPhone

Score! Hero form First Touch Games is a new football or soccer game designed specifically for ios and android platforms

score hero walkthrough ios android

Along the game, you will match with other players for victory and get three stars that will level up your team

In the mean time, you will also collect hero bux, the premium currency of this game and try to be pros in this game

Early on the game, you will be provided with cash that will allow you to rewind the match.
Beside, you can also use your cash to customize your teams

Even though you can use rewind to speed up the match, but it will be better if you do not use that
It is caused by, you will sometimes get free rewinds during the match

As usual, cash or bux is the premium currency of this game
Generally, you will be prompted to purchase this hero bux through iaps
But, you can get more free cash by watching ads videos in the middle of the match

In line with this, just see a camera button on the mission screen as when it shows up, you will be served with ads video to watch for one free cash.
Moreover, you can get 5 free cash by connecting this game to Facebook account

When being in the match, just play it safe and complete a mission at first, while seeing the requirements for three stars

To make some goals, you can practice to hit the corners and you can aim the ball to the top or bottom corner as this will be required to make goals

In accordance with this, to score easier in this game is to take a moment where the keeper is farthest away from
And, in order to get three stars in this game, you can simply replay stages that you have completed before

On the other side, you will also need energy when playing in the match
Sometimes, you will run out of energy that will get you to regenerate fast
According to this, you can get your energy back by try to apply time lapse trick that is to modify the date on the device


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