Guides to Stealing the Diamond Stickman Edition iPhone

Stealing the Diamond tells a story concerning with a local museum that has kept the Tunisian Diamond.
In this game, you will help Henry get into the museum and steal the diamond

stealing the diamond walkthrough ios android

In order to get a completion of each mission, you will be served with three ways namely The Aggressive Way, Epic Way and Undetected Way.

You will be able to select the first two options, which are Bust In or Sneak In that you can use to get through your mission.
If you choose Bust In, you will only have “One” way to go the finish line.
And, if you choose Sneak In, you will have two possible good results.

In Aggressive Way, all you will do is to Bust In, Ram, Shield, Tow Cable, Rock, Bubble and Kick the Diamond

If you go with Epic Way, you will need and have to Sneak In, Pick Axe, Plane, Turn Left, Mushroom, Robot
Furthermore, if you pick Undetected Way, make sure you can Sneak In, Teleporter, Penny, Plank and Diamond
Thus, it is up to you to use your best way to get the diamond in that museum
Every of your attempt will come to it consequence, so just select them wisely


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