Guides to Solve Level 2 Security Cleareance in Subterfuge iPhone

Subterfuge from Snappy Touch can be the combination between a multiplayer undersea game and a real time strategy game that is specifically designed for the ios and android platforms.

subterfuge walkthrough ios android

Along the game, all you will do is to gather up intelligence, coordinate with other players, issue orders to master both strategy and diplomacy to be on top player in the game.

In other words, you can try to crank out the game’s vital resource called as Neptunium, maintaining a decent force, and plan to command your ship to attack others

In the initial level of the game, do not build a mine right away to try and take an early lead since these can break easily, and you will spend 50 of your precious drillers early on

You can solve this by making a funding deal with someone for protection rather than launching any attacks of your own.

Later on, you may need 10 hours to get a sub to attack your enemy
But, if you launch it when the enemy is offline, you may get a good start on your strike as they will not be able to recover quickly enough at that moment.

In this game, specialists can turn the tide of individual battles or the entire game if you use them in the correct ways.

For further, you have to plan ahead for your next specialist hire or promotion
If you can do so well, you will be able to create synergy between your current hires or you can counteract your opponent’s moves.

Here, you can also go with a team based on mobility where you will move and attack together
Sometimes, you may also need to focus on more defense and production for your ships

If you play this game for few levels, you may see anything to happen given enough time
When seeing this circumstance, do not quit in early level since you will have a chance to win the show.
Anyway, being in active and do some possibilities will clear all levels as you expect


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