Guides to Get New Secret Hidden Characters Pinky Clyde in Crossy Road iPhone

If you have Crossy Road on your phone, you may see some secret characters have been unlocked and some are still in silhouette to be unlocked after you can complete certain stages in this game

pac man the ghosts crossy road walkthrough ios android

Recently, Crossy Road has launched a brand new update consisting of a bunch of brand-new characters with no shape, or form, called the ghosts

In line with this, you will also be able to get some new characters such as Pinky, Clyde and Pac Man 256 character

At first, you may have to unlock Pac-Man, that you can do by playing one round first
Then, after you die, you will be brought to the character select screen

Here, you can unlock Pac-Man for free in a new game mode.
Later on, you will have to get Inky, the blue ghost, where you must firstly play as Pac-Man while searching for the big dots indicated in the power pellets.
Once seeing them, just eat fifty of them in a round

Pinky is the pink ghost in this game
When playing as Pac-Chicken, you will occasionally see the cherry from the Pac-Man games appear.
Everytime, you see it pop up, be sure to grab it.
After you die in that round, you will get a chance to get Pinky for free.

On the other side, you will also have to get Blinky, the red ghost
When you are about to get it, just search for Pac-Man to drive by on the street
In the mean time, you can do this when you are playing with the Pac-Chicken whereby he will take you to the place of the police cars.

If you see him there, just jump in front of him and let yourself get run over, as this will be a way to unlock Blinky character.

For further, you will get to unlock Clyde, the orange ghost when playing with Pac-Man.
During the gameplay, just hunt down a power pellet, while eating seven ghosts with it before that pellets is about to run out.
Note that you can do this with one single power pellet only.


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