Guides to Get More Points in Simulator Hoverboard iPhone

Simulator Hoverboard is made by Mariya Ivanova which will get you to control hoverboard with your fingers on the ios screen recently

simullator hoverboard walkthrough ios android

Playing this game will rely on adjusting the speed, where you will merely use your fingers to control the Hoverboard on the screen.

Along the game, you will be served with an endless runner game mode, where you will be able to do freewheel and roll the Hoverboard around
You should so this for as long as you can

Early on the game, you can play the test mode where you can free roll on the Hoverboard.
To play in this mode, just press two of your fingers down on the foot pads of the Hoverboard, so that you can move it on the screen

On the other side, removing one or both of your fingers from the foot board, your overboard will stop in automatic.

As said earlier, the speed will take a big role when you are moving around
In the test mode, selecting 1 as your speed will make the board move slowly.
And, selecting 2 as your speed will make the board move at a medium rate
Later on, selecting 3 as your speed will allow the board to move fast

Meanwhile, when playing in the standard mode, you will have a rudimentary endless runner game
In line with this, you can try to tap left and right to move your board to the next lane.
Always remember to avoid all of the obstacles to get more points

Moreover, you will get an extra point if you can jump over every obstacle successfully.
In accordance with this, always try jumping over obstacles as much as possible for more points

Each time, you get enough consecutive points in one run, you will then go to another level
At this point, the obstacles will also change from level to level which will be harder than you do from the previous levels


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