Guides to Get More Milk in Lumo`s Cat iPhone

Lumo Developments has recently launched Lumo’s Cat as a fun packed strategy game on the apple store
In this game, you will have to protect a sleeping cat from noisy and help keep your cat napping

lumo`s cat walkthrough ios android

To protect the cats, be sure to keep your healer units alive, in which this unit can only protect your cat while the cats are napping

In order to keep your healer protected from the mice, you must have a lightning unit hang out by the healer ready to pop a series of zaps

If some mice try to get closer, you can take a milk break
Here, food will be useful for the difficulty in each level whereby it will give you a buff or debuff based on what you feed your cat.

In line with this, using all of the buff food in one level will cruise through it but you may end up making things more difficult in the long run.

For such reasons, you must try to save up your food used for tough levels later.
Anyway, using a debuff food from time to time could be rewarding as well.

On the other side, be sure to regularly check in on your unit availability as much as possible
You will get five unit types in certain period

Every unit can be spawned as many times as you want by using milk or waiting for their timers to regenerate.

And, some units will also have tap and hold activated abilities which are not always the easiest things to pull off in the important moment.

In accordance with this, you may have to learn these abilities firstly where you can unleash them quickly in combination with a move command
you can do this by keeping your finger held down after swiping to move.

Moreover, if you can do this well, you will get one bomb and lightning units which will be ready to blow up a pack of mice instantly.

In addition, milk will be the premium currency of this game
This game may ask you to purchase this milk from iaps to be used in hard levels
Sometimes, this game will then give you flexibility to get this milk for free by completing certain missions


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