Guides to Get More Coins for 3 Stars in Pirate`s Creed iPhone

Pirate’s Creed can be said as a new strategy RPG for mobile platforms where you will command a fleet of pirates ships then go battle with the others on the sea for three stars and money gold coins.

pirate`s creed wallkthrough ios android

Along the game, you will be able to take a control of the legendary ships, recruit infamous pirates, and try to be the ultimate captain by taking out your enemies in the game

to strengthen your ship, you must assign pirates to control it
In line with this, you can assign attack pirates to the cabin of the ship, because they can deliver high damaging special moves and boost all your ships’ stats.

Every pirate in this game will come along with a ship type, such as attack or builder, etc.
Cabins will power up attack pirates
And, storage will power up builder pirates.
So, you must optimize your fleet in order to be the strongest one ever

On the other side, you must also consider to manage your ship formation by learning each statistic
Warships in a sword icon will be your main source of damage as their attack power is high
However, their durability is very low so be sure to put them behind your other ships

Assault ships with a winged boot icon can be used to strike first since they will have a high chance to dodge.
Again, they have medium defense and attack power and you must place them together to work well

Cruisers in a shield can be said as the beefiest type of ship as they have dramatically low attack power
But, they have a good advantage as they come along with incredible defense and health.
You can place them on the front lines to soak up damage, and they can protect your warships and assaults from the front line.

Once leveling up your ship, you can unlock additional formation slots where you can bring more ships and optimize their formation into battle.

Early on the game, you will have ships with two stations such as cabin and storage.
Cabin is the ship’s attack power
And, storage can be said as the health of your ship.

After having progresses through the game, be sure to upgrade them
Every storage upgrade will provide you an extra 400 health to your ship`s stats

When you are about to go for the battle on the sea, you will get auto battle
Although, you will also need to manually activate your pirates’ attack abilities to take out your enemies ship there.

Note that, each pirate will have their own unique special attack ability that can only be activated if their special meter is full which is indicated by the yellow bar below their health bar.

Their special abilities can range from single to multi target abilities, and they also come from attack to support abilities that you can use at a time.
Always consider to use them once you have unlocked them
Using these abilities will be the main key to take out the enemy ships as fast as possible
Thus, it will grant you three stars and money in form of gold coins, the premium currency of this game.

In order to collect free gold, you can open a gold chest for free every 10 minutes during the game.
Plus, by opening them, you can get some really good stuff in form of ship upgrade components or pirate recruitment items, that you can use to customize your ship


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