Guides to Get High Score in Stair Free Slide the Blocks to Ascend iPhone

Stair Free developed by Alec Thomson can be said as a new climbing game where you play by moving the platforms to flip up higher that you can play on the iOS platform mainly.

stair free walkthrough ios android

Along the game, all you will do is to guide a girl`s silhouette to slide the stairs out from the wall to ascend as high as possible while avoiding obstacles for scoring as high as possible.
In other words, your main objective in this game is to go as far as you can and get the highest score.

Early on the game, you will see the climbing girl to start jumping and moving on her own.
You can guide her by using your thumb to grab the blocks and start pulling them out

If you can do so well, that girl can land on them when she drops back down.
At this time, you will be able to move fast by sliding out the block under her when she is being at the top of the jump
In the mean time, you can also slow it down a bit by sliding out the block over the one she was standing on previous spot.

Always keep your eyes open on the spiked blocks.
When dealing with them, just make sure to slide them back
Do not guide your climbing girl to land on them or it will end your run right away.

Besides, you must also watch out for the blocks sliding vertically rather than horizontally
Also, be careful for the blocks which has a twice tall than a standard block

Every time you do your action, you will be given with four lives
Later on, when you run out them, you must watch an ad to get five lives more games.
So, just watch any advertisements to get your lives back on their own.

On the other side, if you want to stop your character from jumping into a spiked block which is inside the wall, you can slide the block where she is standing on to move her back.

At this point, your character will not turn around
Thus, you should slide it a little bit of far back to keep her away from the wall.
At the same time, when your character is in the air, be sure to push her back with a block
Or, you can slide a block out that will make her land on it in one piece

In order to skip the waiting period between jumps, you can simply tap on the climber to make her jump immediately.
Try to slide her back if your character is underneath a vertical block as she will whack her head on the block if you do not do that well

And, when she comes back down, you will see the platform she jumped off will disappear, in which you will not be able to reuse platforms again.
Always time your jump to go through one platform to another safely


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