Guides to Get High Score in .PXL iPhone

Appsolute Games has presented .PXL as a new endless flyer game that you can play on both the iOS and Android devices.

game .pxl walkthrough ios android

All you will do in this game is to guide your pixel through an ever-changing course full of various obstacles, while gaining score as high as you can

To play this game, you will merely ride on the ground whenever seeing an opening that guides you to do that action.
During the play, it will sometimes miss when you can and cannot do this
Anyway, when riding along the ground, do not worry about bouncing the wrong way.

Similar to endless flyer games, it will be based on your skills of tapping
Once progressing from one to another stage, you might get the hardest stage segments right away
Or, you might get the easiest ones there.

Then, keep playing in many stages where you will learn the basic control and you will eventually find the easy stages.
To go through each stage and get high score, you can firstly practice the hard ones

Always consider to time your bounces as this will get you to rise fast, and you can fall rapidly when you need to.
Also, try to pass the obstacles with the closest calls that you can.

On the other side, this game will come along with advertisement popping up when you are playing it on your phone
To get rid of this ad, you will be prompted to pay $.99, $1.99 or $2.99 for ad removal.

Alternatively, if you want to play this game in full version for free, you can simple set your phone into airplane mode

Since this game is made by indie developer, it will highly be recommended to pay ad removal as this ad is the source of income for the developer of this game

In addition, playing this game for so long will get you tired of continuing to the next stage
For such reasons, always take a break for awhile then play the game again
Later on, after your the adrenaline subsides, you can come back to the game then ply this game with fresh mind to gain a high score.


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