Guides to Get High Score in Emoji Jump iPhone

Emoji Jump from kumuva Digital can be said as a puzzle game for the iOS platform
In this game, you will play as every single emoji, that has to jump as high as you can for score points

emoji jump walkthrough ios android

At the same time, you must also try to avoid plenty of little devil emoji that will get in your way and mess your game up in which if you hit one of them, the game will end your run right away.

When starting your action, you will learn two jump past the barriers, which are made of a whole bunch of emoji clustered together.
Along the game, you will see cookies around the stage, that you will have to collect
Every time, you collect each cookie, you will get one extra point.

So, just keep your focus, jump in a deliberate manner and try to avoid hitting the obstacles.
Your emoji will jump the same height every single time whereby you must time how high you will jump.

On the other side, this game comes along with the ads, coming up on the screen while you are playing
In order to get rid of this advertisement, you can set your phone into Airplane Mode.
But, if you want to give extra income for the developer, you can pay $1.49 via the App Store.

Just always get some rest when you are playing it too long
Come back later once you get fresh mind as this may get you frustrated to go for high score

In addition, you will bounce all the way to the side of the screen if you want to go there
It is caused by, if you hit the side of the screen, you will simply change direction.

Thus, you can use the far corners of the screen if you need to get past a devil or a barrier far off to the side
Always stay alert not to hit the next devil or barrier above it when your emoji changes direction in each level in this game.


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