Guides to Get High Score Coins in Piano Tiles 2 iPhone

Piano Tiles 2 Don’t Tap The White Tile 2 is the next series of Don’t Step The White Tile game where in this new series, it has music to it.

piano tiles 2 walkthrough ios android

As usual, your main objective in this game is to get score as high as you can through various songs, in that you will go for classical music, where you can earn coins and unlock new songs.

Be sure to play this game with the music on, as the steps will line up perfectly with the music.
If you line up the steps with the sound, you will not even have to pay much attention to the step positions.

After completing a level with three stars, you will go for the second level
There, you will hit the bonus round where you can get some coins.
Just tap with more than one finger at a time or you can swipe from side to side to pick them up from multiple rows.

Endless mode will get you to play the same song, but with different steps, where you will see that the speed will continually increase.

When playing in this mode, you can also find coins
Thus, just tap the gold tile to collect the coin
In the mean time, you will have to slide from one tile to the other, since your swipe will register on all of the black tiles and gold but it is not for the white tiles.

To get some coins, you can continue playing in the challenges
Here, your score will be compared to the overall percentage of players worldwide who have completed it

Once getting some coins, be sure to save them up to be used to unlock a whole range of new songs
To get more and more coins, you can replay songs that you have already beaten there
You will hear the round of applause sections as an indication for coin earning


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