Guides to Get High Jump in Swaggy Ninja iPhone

Swaggy Ninja from iCustomized llc is a kind of a new one touch vertical jump game that you can play on ios and android devices

swaggy ninja walkthrough ios android

In this game, you will play as a jumping ninja with shades, where you will simply tap the screen to make swaggy ninja jump up while avoiding spears, ninja stars, the katanas, shuriken and other insane obstacles that block your path to gain new heights

Here, every time, you make a jump is the same height
In order to go for new record, you must time your jumps and do not even go into whatever the obstacle is.

And, if you are about to maintain the same height, then fall as low as you can while trying to avoid obstacle below you, and tapping the screen to go up.

To go up higher, you can try to move faster rather than slower.
If you move slower, it will be hard to avoid obstacles when being in tread air.
In line with this, you must try to keep moving upward, and stay alert of the next obstacle above your ninja.

In the mean time, you should then move up as fast as you can and keep the momentum of your jump to go through from one stage to another.

On the other side, this game will come along the advertisement popping up on the screen
In order to get rid of the ads, you can purchase ads removal through iaps
Alternatively, you can set your phone into airplane mode to play this game without ads

However, since the developer makes the income from this game, it will highly be recommended to purchase ads removal from iaps

If you have bought ads removal from the store, you can then delete the game then reinstall it later
Later on, you will get no-ads back for free by tapping the reload button, that will restore your purchases.


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