Guides to Get High Best Score Points in Balls & Holes iPhone

Planet of the App has introduced their unique game called Balls & Holes as an outstanding endless runner game which will challenge you to guide a lady to go up a mountain while trying to avoid some obstacles for gaining score as high as possible

balls and holes walkthrough ios android

When starting your journey to the top of the mountain, you will meet the wide variety of balls coming hurtling at you
Besides, you may also get to climb up the cliff edges having a hole to avoid with any means necessary

Therefore, you must learn how to avoid all of that using both your frayed wits and the tools at your disposal.

When guiding your character, you must try to find out the best way to get around each ball
You can solve some balls in the game with a well-timed double jump

And, when trying to solve the others, such as the massive crescent moon-shaped ball or the meteors, you will need some backtracking.
Always consider to look at the environment since it will be your guidance to plan your next moves

Along your journey, you will see some natural ramps which send balls flying into the air and steep hills which will make your jumping over even the smallest ball impossible
You will also deal with the cliffs that will send you to the hole if you miss-time a jump.
Always consider to back-track when dealing with bigger balls

Besides, going backwards then moving forwards will save you from the incoming balls.
This method will really useful when you are dealing with the crescent moon-shaped balls or when you try approaching a ramp.

Moreover, with that technique, you can recover from an error, like when your jump falls short or you will run face-first into a big meteor coming from the top.

However, consider not to backtrack into a cliff as the small amount of screen will be there when you try moving backwards to avoid the balls.

If you can learn what the environments look like and how the balls react, you will be able to avoid them since they will move in the same pattern
But, what makes the difference is to learn the environment when you are about to climb up the hill
With all the methods above, you can go to gain high points and go to climb up the hills safely


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