Guides to Get Gold Rubies Gems in Clicker Heroes iPhone

Clicker Heroes,the idle RPG developed by Playsaurus is the popular clicker game which has been played on from Steam and PC browsers

clicker heroes walkthrough ios android

Now, this game has been launched on mobile platforms, ios and android along with new features
Here, you will guide some heroes to go through some quests to attack monsters, hire and level up heroes to unlock some unique abilities that will be useful to beat monsters for gold, find treasure, and explore new worlds.

To complete a quest fast, you can tap with as many fingers as you can fit on the screen.
With more fingers used to tap the screen, you will quickly reach high levels in this game

After reaching level 10, 25, 50, 100, 125 etc, you will be able to unlock a special skill
This skill will usually be a DPS doubler, so be sure to unlock them as soon as it is available

This game will feature currencies in form of rubies, gold coins and gems
You will get gold coins after logging off of the game.
To get more gold coins in this game, just try to purchase all of the DPS upgrades before you go offline

Afterward, you can go to the highest level that you have unlocked.
Once doing so, you will have a ton of coins waiting there.

Besides, you can also do time lapse trick to get those gold coins at ease
Just set the time ahead on your phone
Setting the time backwards will goof up to the timer
Anyway, doing this will be a good way to get a bunch of gold fast

The premium currency in this game is rubies that will be handy for permanent upgrades or you can use them for having more gold coins

If you have higher DPS, you will get more instant gold from the rubies
But, it will highly be recommended to be spent on some upgrades

Except gold coins and rubies, you will be able to earn more gems for free
In line with this, just complete the achievements and go to the achievement menu to claim them.


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