Guides to Get Gold Emerald in Blood Gate Age of Empires iPhone

DeNA has launched its newest game called as Blood Gate Age of Alchemy as an epic gothic adventure combined with a fast paced match 3 puzzles game and real time combat in a mobile RPG.

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In this game, you will have to manage 3 epic hero classes, such as ironclad, warlock and stalker then customize them with over 900 unique skills and gear that you will need to beat certain types of enemies.

Early on the game, you will be assigned to unlock your heroes then upgrade them to higher levels
In accordance with the upgrades, you will need substances that will be needed to craft when upgrading items or spells.

In line with this, you can get substances as dungeon rewards, salvaging or as a reward from the secret item box.

When it is about to do a dungeon, you will need elixirs, potions which grant certain benefits when it is used in dungeons.

You can get these elixirs as dungeon rewards, secret item box rewards or purchased in an emerald bundle.

When upgrading spells, weapons and armor, you will need to improve the damage of weapons and spells as well as increasing the armor rating and stats of armor pieces.
Every item or spell upgrade will come along with a specific requirement of substances and a gold fee.

During in your exploration, you will get experience points to level up your heroes
Once your heroes reach their certain levels, you will get an upgrade point or an unlock point.
Unlock points will be useful to unlock new spells
Upgrade points are handy to improve the damage or benefits of existing spells

Later on, you must try to play in hard mode which offers a chance to unlock all of the skulls on the map and unlock the achievement Guardian of the Empire.

Be sure to complete all levels on normal first and go back with better gear and elixirs before entering hard mode

You should also have to learn the basic of the game such as scrolls, runes and elements
Scrolls are used to enter dungeons.

Runes are consisting of some colors representing to different spells and when each match of that color added to your spell bar is full, you can cast a spell.

Elements can be said as the type or class of enemies or dungeons
Some spells will be effective against certain types of foes and some are not as strong.

The spell has its rarity from C to L
C is Common
UC is Uncommon
R is Rare
E is Exotic
L is legendary of the most powerful one

Elements in this game are iron, nature, light, water and fire
Iron is stronger against nature and it is weaker against fire
Nature is stronger against light and it is weaker against iron
Light is stronger against water and it is weaker against nature
Water is stronger against fire and it is weaker against light
Fire is stronger against iron and it is weaker against water
Such element stats represent your extra damage or damage reduction per element

As said earlier, you will have to unlock all of your heroes, namely ironclad, warlock and stalker
Ironclad, the melee warriors is a master of heavy weapons and armor, in which they can take the hard hits and they can deal the damage too
Ironclad are iron which are stronger against Nature, but they are weaker against Fire.

Warlocks are spell casters and healers, in that their spells can deliver more damage with a higher chance of causing critical damage or healing.
Warlocks are water element which are stronger against fire enemies but they are weaker against Light

Stalkers use a combination of spell and melee damage which master of subtlety, dexterity and dodge
The Stalker is nature which is stronger against light and they are weaker against iron

As usual, this game features Emeralds and Gold as the main currencies of this game
To get some emeralds for free, you can get them through dungeons as loot and they can be earned by unlocking achievements.

You can use emeralds to get armor, spell and weapon chests as well as scroll and elixir packs.
You can also spend them on revivals that will be useful to revive your heroes if you die in dungeons

Meanwhile, you can gold from the dungeons and you can use gold to get secret item box from the shop and you can use them when crafting items and spells


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