Guides to Get Gold Cash in Commanders iPhone

Ember Entertainment has just launched Commanders to the ios and android platforms where you will be assigned to command your City and rebuild your military force.

commanders walkthrough ios android

Commanders can be included into a combination of base building and military combat game where you will compete with other live players

Along the game, you will merely build your base and attack the other`s base to collect more resources such as iron, fuel, food, wood and gold cash

Meanwhile, to supply your base, you must also harvest resources there
Besides, you must also train your units, and make an experiment of powerful technologies in your base

Later on, you will be allowed to create alliances with other live players then you can go for a battle to dominate the game.

During the constructions of your base, it may take a time to complete
To complete it fast, you can ask for help your alliance.
Your friends in your alliance can shorten the time on your construction.
Also, you can also ask for help when you are attacked by other players

This game will give you three separate construction queues which are one for buildings, one for training new units, and one for research.
In line with this, if you are waiting on a building to complete fully, you must train the units or keep the research going on

In daily basis, you will be given with the missions to complete
You can see the missions at the bottom left corner of the screen, then you will be brought to follow the general progression route
After completing one mission, you will be rewarded with a bunch of stuff

At the beginning of the game, you will have a research in the first level of the Recon ability during the tutorial.
And, such ability will allow you to learn information on enemy controlled zones.

At level 1, recon will inform you stuff that you can see by tapping the basic info of the zone.
Always remember not to use Recon until you have upgraded it to further levels
If you can do so, you will see the exact information, such as the amount and the types of troops stationed at the zone

When you are about to attack the other base, be sure your base is up and running resources
Early on the game, your base has a 24-hour protective shield that can prevent other players from invading your base

Be sure to use this precious time to get your defenses up and running.
Besides, you must also upgrade your structures, research new defensive structures, and train your units.
All of these activities will be really useful when the shield runs out of time to protect your base

If you play this game regularly, be sure to always check the small little black box at the bottom left to get your mystery reward which will give you random goodies

As usual, this game will feature currencies in form of cash and gold the you can get for free along the game
In accordance with this, you can make some resources that will value for cash
Every time, you can complete every mission, you will also be granted with some cash

On the other side, getting more gold in this game may be hard to collect
The only one way to get free gold in this game is to win the battle with enemies
Each time, you get your victory in the battle, you will get some resources form your enemies and you will also be rewarded with gold as bonus

Alternatively, if you want to get gold fast you can simply purchase them from iaps
With a bunch of gold that you have collected from the game, you will almost do anything you want


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