Guides to Get Credits and Chromium in Star Wars Uprising Android

As you may have known that Star Wars Uprising has been launched worldwide on the ios and android platforms and this game seems to be popular recently

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Playing this game will get you to complete daily missions that will earn you credits and chromium, which are kind of the main currencies of this game

When selecting the mission, you can prioritize in the higher difficulties missions in which such missions will give you extra rewards

Moreover, by completing this mission, you will get a big chance to get a lot of credits and the gear drops that you can sell or salvage for later levels.

To help complete your mission, you will get to recruit new members, in which you can then send them on individual missions.

By completing this individual mission, you will be granted with a lot of credits and the gear and components to collect along the way

When sending out your crew, be sure to check their skills in which some of them are more suited for specific mission types than the others.
In line with this, the members that you have picked will determine the success rate of the mission completion in the game.
Always stay alert as you can sometimes lose crew members if the success rate is too low in a mission

Also, be sure to talk to certain townsfolk that will allow you to unlock opportunities, a kind side missions.

If you can complete this opportunity, you will be able to get chromium, the premium currency of this game.

In order to get them more, you can repeat side missions
Besides, you can do them as many times as you to get more credits for free.


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