Guides to Get Bigger Blobs in iPhone

Miniclip has a unique puzzle game which is called as designed for ios and android platforms
This game seems to be an insanely addictive survival game, which has been made with its simple concept and challenging gameplay.

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In this game, all you will do is to guide the tiny cell to eat other players to grow larger
When doing so, you will sometimes meet bigger players than you that will make you as their food to grow even the largest one.

So, the main point here is to survive and eat long enough to become the biggest cell in the game
Early on this game, you start as a small, then you will be extremely fast blob by eating the others on the board

But, always stay alert as when you are most open to being eaten by other blobs.
In line with this, you must concentrate on getting the dots on the screen and increase your size as fast as you can.

As said earlier, you will be a small blog in initial level
To protect yourself for being consumed by the others, you can hide your self behind the viruses, the green blobs with blade-like margins which would otherwise tear down larger blobs.

Moreover, you should consider to take advantage of corners and margins that can help you survive along the game
Since you are large enough, you can try to stay near them and you can go into players who get stuck to be your food.

Along the game, you can use the viruses to escape larger blobs and get access to areas where you will be safe for a moment

After going through some stages, you will get large enough, and it a good idea to split up.
To do this, just tap the button to increase the space you occupy on the screen
For such reasons, you will be able to increase your chances to absorb other blobs to make your self bigger one.
Note that, you will be large to avoid getting eaten by larger blobs nearby after splitting.

Splitting up will be handy to eat up blobs that you cannot get
Therefore, make sure you are aiming at the right direction when you are being bigger blobs

Splitting will be useful to save your life, as you can tap the split button towards an open space to make it out alive

Although, splitting gives you advantages, be sure not to split in too many pieces
It is caused by it will be difficult to control your blog in that you will eventually get eaten by the other ones.

To beat the other blobs, you can shoot viruses on the map and use them to destroy other blobs
According to this, the shots from the Virus will cause damage, and the Blob that it touches will split in smaller piece.

Anyway, whenever you shoot, you will lose a bit of mass whereby you must move a bit faster.
In order to escape from attackers, just shoot forward a few times, then move in the same direction while absorbing the blobs you are shooting.
Doing this will provide you a small speed boost when you are small
Also, you can avoid most attackers with this method.


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