Guides to Gain High Score in aa 2 iPhone

If you have ever played aa game on your phone, you may continue to play the next sequel called aa 2 that has been available to download on the apple store recently

aa2 walkthrough ios android

As you may have known that aa 2 is the next series of the previous series, aa game that is developed by General Adaptive.

In this new series, the game play style seems to be very similar to the previous one
Here, you will see the balls move at different speeds, and the circles will do a lot more turning to play with

From one level to another, you will be confused with the pattern where you will think twice to make any move there

When going to a new level, be sure to watch the pattern where everything will move and do not jump in right away first
Just see they move around a few times, and keep in mind what the pattern is.
Surely, only watching and remembering the pattern will lead you to complete the level.

Sometimes, you may have to drop a bunch of balls, and get them in tightly
When doing so, you have to tap and drop them as fast as you can, rather than letting the circle spin around again
In the mean time, you can also try to squeeze balls into the tight spaces.

You may get levels where you must drop balls onto two different suns as opposed to just one different sun
Also, you may find one sun to move slow there.
To solve this, just wait for the slow sun to spin the balls out of the way
Afterward, you can aim at a spot on the fast sun.

Later on, you may play on a stage where you get the lines attached to the balls that you drop vary in size, you must keep watching the outer circle.
Doing a tap here will make the ball line up with where the outer circle is.
Drop the balls closing to the sun, then put the ones farther away from the sun after that

On the other side, you may see the ads to pop up on the screen while you are in the middle of the game
In order to get rid of the ads, you can simply set your phone into airplane mode to get the ads never come up again

Anyway, if you want to appreciate someone`s work, you can purchase the ad removal from iaps
This ads is the way the developer makes money from this game


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