Guides to Earn More Gems and Gold in Paradise Bay iPhone

Paradise Bay developed by King can be said as a new city building game, where you will be tasked to build up your island paradise to become a recreation destination that is full of hustle, bustle and fun to visit

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Meanwhile, you will also have to produce new goods and trade them with other players as well as with importers and exporters for gems, coins, and all sorts of resources needed in this game.

Anything that you will need to get more resources is from crops, which you have planted in your land
Later on, you will have to generate as many of them, while maxing out your number of farm plots that will allow you to grow as many goods as you can at one time.

Every time, you do that action, you will gain an experience level, that will allow you to build more farm plots.

As usual, this game will feature gems as the premium currency that you can use to purchase anything you want in this game
Besides, you must also collect gold coins that you can do by completing any quest on the stages

In line with this, collecting gold coins will be easy as you will simply complete what the quests say
But, it may be hard to collect gems for free in this game, since the developer puts gems as the premium currency that will get you to purchase through iaps

However, you will be able to collect free gems by completing the achievements in the achievement menu indicated by a trophy which you can find in the treasure chests around the island.

At the beginning of the game, just try to fill orders at the trading post that will give you experience points to level up your character.
Also, you can do the farm plots and build new construction to level up fast.

Once gaining levels, you will clear a whole lot more land, so that you can build more stuff
Moreover, you will also be able to unlock new places, that you can find on the random docks outside of your main land.

As said earlier, you can get gems and gold through the crops you have planted on your land
On the other side, you can also get valuable items by trading with other players in the World Market and Wesley’s Exports
In that places, you and other players will be able to buy and sell goods such as the harvested crops from each other.

There, you can purchase low and sell high to get a bunch of resources, either gold coins or gems
As initial step, you can start purchasing goods in bulk, then sell one or two at a time for higher prices per unit.
Just try to do that until you have something rare ones, which will be sold for high price at the market


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