Guides to Earn More Epic Gold Chest in Dawnbringer iPhone

Dawnbringer developed by Kiloo can be included into a new fighting hybrid game combined with a full fledged RPG for mobile platforms.

dawnbringer walkthrough ios android

Along the game, you will guide Kastor to go to all sorts of other adventures to collect new weapons, kill demons, and collect some resources in form of gold, Titanite, Dragonscale and Black Iron.

When battling with enemies, you must defend against an enemy attack, where you will have to swipe in the opposite direction.

In early level, just watch enemies move, since they will attack in the same pattern
And, their patterns will become less predictable, as they will throw diagonal slashes into the mix, whereby you must learn that moves

As usual, this game features gold as the premium currency
In order to get this gold, just go to the iaps and tap get free gold button there
After tapping that button, you will be served with the ad videos to watch for 3 free gold
Besides, you can follow, like, share and subscribe to the game for more free gold.

During in your journey, see your next quest target on this bar to find nearby enemies to complete quest
Sometimes, you will need to go to the designated area and find chests and urns there.

When battling with enemies, you may need to restore health as fast as possible
To solve this, just run around and destroy the green sieves to get more health for your hero.
Just slash barrels, chests and urns, as every of them will provide you with more currencies.
Moreover, such things will provide Titanite, Black Iron and Dragonscale as well.

To test your skill, you can go and open the arena challenge
Before going in, make sure you have practiced and mastered your parry moves and powered up your sword If you can win the challenge, you can have excellent rewards.

Therefore, just make sure to get involved there in daily basis which will give you better rewards in form of gold and any valuable items to be equipped for your hero.


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