Guides to Earn High Eons Score in Mechanosaur Hijacks The Moon iPhone

Mechanosaur Hijacks The Moon from XperimentalZ Games is a kind of a new endless defense game that you can play mainly on ios platforms.

mechanosaur hijacks the moon walkthrough ios android

Here, Mechanosaur is the hero in this game, in which the main goal is to protect the earth from incoming asteroids at all costs.

This creature can move the moon in the right position to block asteroids from hitting it.
So, all you will have to do in this game is to move the moon from many asteroids that will hit it.

To play this game, letting your finger off of the screen will make the moon orbit slowly around the earth.

Meanwhile, putting your finger down on the screen will make Mechanosaur spin the moon so fast around the earth.

And, if you hold the screen any longer, it will make the moon spin longer and faster
In the mean time, the moon will use its gravitational pull to draw the asteroids in to hit it.
During the game,, spinning it spin too far will make the asteroids go around the moon and smash into the earth.

Once making progress through some levels, you will unlock more different asteroids
Every asteroid gives you eons, as the scoring method

You will also get more advanced asteroids which will give you more eons for knocking them out.
If you can beat the sneaky spiral asteroids, you will get three eons

Later on, you will get a level where there are more different types of asteroids to appear
In line with this, you must try to deal with multiple types all at once
Be sure to learn what movements you must make to get rid of them.

Then, when that asteroid hits the moon, the asteroids will get tougher and tougher to come again that will make this game hard to complete

Besides, you will also be given with bonus points for other stuff that you do in the game.
You can get more bonus points by drawing draw an asteroid to inside of the earth’s satellite belt back out when it is about to hit the moon

And, if you have multiple asteroids hit the moon at a time, you will get a bonus for a multiple hit as well.
Thus, from you are doing here, you will be able to rack up the bonuses that will be handy to score up a new high eon score in this game.


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