Guides to Earn Extra Gold in Age of Empires Castle Siege iPhone

In the previous post, Age of Empires Castle Siege can be categorized into RTS game similar to Clash of Clans which has been popular on ios and android platforms

age of empires castle siege basic guides tutorial ipad android

And, if you have played coc on your phone, you may be familiar to play Age of Empires Castle Siege on the mobile platforms, ios and android

As rts game, all you will do in this game is to manage your city and your resources while strengthening your troops that you will prepare to raid another city for collecting more resources
Then, you will do it on and on until you have built up the most powerful city and troop all the time

Especially for this game, the first thing you do is to get more achievements
Sometimes, you may sync your Xbox console to collect achievements
So, just log in with your relevant details to gain achievements as you play.

As usual, this game will feature gold, as the premium currency.
In related to this gold, you must use it wisely

And, you can supply more resources that you can make it happen by setting long timers up just before you go away form keyboard aka afk for a while

To power up your city, just keep focusing on building walls around your storage buildings
These walls can make slow enemy attack down and keep you in a safe place

Beside having extra walls around your city, you will also have to build defensive towers such as a Siege Workshop and the Hall of Heroes
In line with this, you will have catapults at your disposal to take out enemy walls, plus a hero with some useful skills available to him.

Later on, you must also upgrade your barracks and extend things to the University and other military focused buildings
With all of this, you will be able to unlock more powerful troops than before, with each comes with special benefit based on the empire you chose to play as.

During the game, just try to concentrate on moving up and getting to the next Age as soon as possible. When you unlock more roads and more walls, you will be stronger than before.

Before invading the other city, you must firstly learn your heroes’ abilities
Every empire and hero in this game offer different advantages
At this point, you will have to train only the best and your favorite heroes.

On the other side, it will highly be recommended to join an alliance
Joining alliance will give you advantage as you will help each other when invading the other empires in online mode

When it is about to attack the other empires, be sure to select the easy buildings first and work on towers which are about to destroy your troops

In the mean time, you can also draw enemies out sometimes with an extra control over moving around.
Just focus on attacking Guard Houses or Watch Tower since they can spawn multiple enemies at a time
As a result, if you can defeat all those defensive buildings, it will be easy to take down the remaining buildings.

Meanwhile, you can also use your hero sparingly since they are able to absorb a lot of damage form the enemies heroes
Doing this will be great for scouting ahead or distracting the enemy from your other troops.

Do not focus on attack one enemy instead focus on spreading out and moving your troops to any direction around the area.
This kind of method will keep your enemy confuse to approach your troops while they are moving around.


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