Guides to Collect Gems and Gain High Score in Stony Road iPhone

Ketchapp has again launched their newest one touch challenging game called as Stony Road on the apple store

stony road walkthrough ios android

Similar to one touch running game, you will be assigned to roll a ball as far as you can by jumping and preparing your maneuver to go through perilous roads generated on the fly

Here, you will also get to collect gems and gain score as high as you can
Gems are scattered on the levels where they are placed pretty risky places
So, if you want to gain high score, just ignore the gems first
It is caused by you will find some gems by completing specific levels as your rewards

When you are about to perform your jump, always watch your timing especially if you are dealing with a big gap
At this point, you must wait until the very edge of the platform to jump.
Make sure not to jump too early, as you will fall a little short of the gap.
And, if you want to jump on the tall platforms, try to double jump at the apex of your first jump.

On the other side, you may need to let your ball roll off a ledge with both of your jumps
In related to this, if you want to clear those wide gaps, just let your ball roll forward a bit off the edge so that you will get enough extra space to clear certain jumps at ease

Sometimes, using your double jump is usually a good idea when you are dealing with a big gaps or a tall platform
Anyway, you must be careful when using your double jump as some patterns are designed to get you to jump into an overhead platform
Thus, it will highly be recommended to look both ways before you are about to use your double jump.


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