Guides Cheats Strategy to Get Three Stars in Taichi Panda Heroes iPhone

Taichi Panda: Heroes is the next product of Snail Games where this new series is the next sequel of the previous franchise of Taichi Panda, an international and popular MMO that you can play both on the ios and android platforms

taichi panda heroes walkthrough ios android

Similar to the previous series of Taichi Panda, you seem to get basic task where you will get to build up an army of heroes, equip and upgrade some valuable items for them

Later on, you will get involved in all sorts of quests, going for free roam, participating in guilds for competing with the other team and more.

During the gameplay, you will get some different types of equipment that you must learn to know what each of the is for

To figure out this, just go to your hero’s equipment screen and tap Change All to equip your hero with the best equipment in automatic
Note that you must space out your equipment between multiple heroes when doing so.

Besides, you must also level up your hero in which your hero level will be as high as your party level
Because of this, you must use items to upgrade your hero
Afterward, go to the abilities area to upgrade all of their abilities to match their level
Keep doing this to gain maximum levels for your heroes

In order to level up your heroes, you will need some extra experience levels, that you can gain by questing in an area with all kinds of monsters, in which you can set the battle mode to full auto to farming for experience points and and highly upgraded party levels with ease

On the other side, you will be assigned to upgrade your equipment
Just tap Quick Fortification to upgrade all of your equipment at a time

For further, every time, your hero gains levels, you will be able to unlock more multiplayer options in the Fortitude area.
In other words, this can be said as a direct PvP battle or PvP modes, where your team and the other one will compete together

By taking part in PvP modes, you must gain more levels and it will grant you big rewards once you get victory there

When battling with your opponent there, make sure to cast your skills more often which will help you beat your enemies fast
When doing this, you may notice that your first two abilities will usually have really short cooldowns for four to ten seconds.
At the same time, you can strike a balance between normal combos and your skills so that you can beat the enemy easily

This game will also give you some free treasures such as hero shards, equipment, and more coming from the left blue shrine and the right orange shrine.
You can draw for equipment and hero shards with the left blue shrine for free every couple of minutes
And, you can draw for a super rare piece of gear with the right orange shrine for free every two days

Meanwhile, you will need to get three stars in each level which will count towards the warlord chest
This warlord chest will offer a bunch of pretty rare goodies, in that they will always be available to collect by opening them

To make this happen, you have to complete optional objectives where you get to clear the level under a time limit, beat a certain amount of enemies, and more actions
Thus, always consider to complete some other given objectives to collect three stars in each stage


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