Guide to Get Stars to Craft Items in Super Awesome Quest iPhone

Boomzap has its new game called Super Awesome Quest that will get you to join the adventures of three heroes to get back their honor, riches, and super awesomeness then help them fight against the waves of the Undead Army, crafty kobolds, nefarious bounty hunters, dangerous dragons along the game

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Early on this game, you will select your starting hero either Greg the Paladin or Val the Valkyrie then you will be able to unlock new heroes and upgrade pets once you reach 8 stage

You will then go to your adventure to fight and beat dozens of enemy types in an ever expanding world
To do this, you can flip tokens to attack and chain them to get your victory

Once unlocking new heroes, you will learn that the different heroes offer different advantages, so you must try to keep their levels increasing.

To play this game, just hold a finger to a tile then plan your move with your tile
If you find all the opened tiles are free use, just tap on an empty space, skip a move, it is time for your enemy to fight back.

You will get attack tiles in a variety of forms.
Attack 1 is a mere 10+15 physical damage
And, Attack 2 will add another 10 damage to that

You can combine these attack tiles
Anyway, it will be better to use a flurry of linked Attack 1 tiles, rather than 1 Attack 3 tile.
Or, you can try using that single Attack 3 tile to unlock more tiles.

Besides, you will also get defensive tiles
Here, reflect shields will allow you to reflect physical and magical damage for two turns
And, a protect shield will make you strong against physical and magic attacks for three turns.

Always notice that you should charge tile buff your attacks by 10 for two turns
In line with this, purification will remove all negative status effects
And, heal tiles will heal you on the board.
Sometimes, you may use a reset tile to reset the board that will help you get a better position.

On the other side, you can also use power up potions to damage your enemies and they will also heal yourself, or block attacks form enemies.
Remember that you have to use them for particularly tough battles on the board.

This game will also get you to get stars as your achievements
To get them you can go back to earlier stages as they will give you multiple stars, better crafting items, as well as opportunities for more experience.

Along the game, you will also be tasked to craft some items
In accordance with this, you will always be told what is possible to craft them at any time.
So, you must keep your equipment balanced to get the best results.

In addition, to get different look for your hero, you can customize it through the customization screen.
Also, you can get new options in the Endless Arena and Boss stages in this game.


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